Shantel Campbell
Realty Group

Logo Design & Branding

TOOLS USED:  ILLUSTRATOR  /  PhotoShop  /  InDesign

The Task

This powerhouse Edmonton Realtor needed a new brand to attract clients and properly represent her business. Her previous logo and lack of consistent branding no longer represented the modern, successful real estate company that she had created.


Branding Item #1: Logo

After many iterations of modern, geometric-style logos, we landed on the final logo shown below. The clean lines of the new logo better portrays the styles that she admires, and can be easily translated on any medium.

Asset 1


Branding Item #2: Colour Palette

Because her new logo has a somewhat hard look, we decided to contrast it with gentler colours. By selecting a branding colour palette of muted feminine pastels, this softens the look of the logo and represents her softer, feminine side.


Branding Item #3: Mood Board

Branding is all about consistency. To ensure all future assets maintained a similar feel, I created a moodboard featuring images of a particular style to either use or draw inspiration from.

With a clear branding style guide that outlines colour palette, typography, and imagery style, it becomes much easier to create consistent products and assets that make your brand clear and memorable.